Oppon Memorial Senior High School

Our Campus


The school's administration hierarchy has the Board of Governors on top whilst the Headmaster is just below the hierarchy. The next in the hierarchy are the three assistant Headmasters and the school accountant.

The sketch is seen below.

Overview of our Campus

The school environment has flowers in front of the administration block with some array of trees along the school wall closer to the administration block. The roads leading to the dormitories have some hedges of flowers whiles some horticultural trees at certain locations on campus. The roads leading to the dormitories are well constructed but yet to be tarred.

The school field lies to the right of the old boys' dormitory.
The school is partially fenced with an iron gate in front with the school name and crest boldly displayed on the wall.
An electronic sign board is located some few distance away from the school.

Science Laboratories: The school has three laboratories namely Physics, Chemistry and Biology with each of them fully stocked with laboratory equipments.

Library : The school has a library with a capacity of 60 seats with stocked books.

New Dinning Hall: The school now has new dining hall with 1000 students capacity constructed by the Bekwai Municipal Assembly.

Students Population: The total student population the school stands at 1,043 out of which 414 are day students and 629 are boarders. There were 540 boys and 503 girls.